Five Things We’ve Learned from Attendees

In over 10 years of recording audio for conferences nationwide, we’ve heard a lot from our customers when it comes to audio recording services. We’ve compiled a list of the five things conference attendees tell us are most important. We hope this list helps you make your next conference even better than the last.

  1. Attendees want clear recordings. Static, background noise or other distortions of the recorded audio can be at best distracting, and at worst make the speaker completely unintelligible. The purpose of a conference is to communicate with attendees; you provide recordings so the message can be reviewed, or heard for the first time by those who were unable to attend. Don’t sacrifice all your hard work by hiring a company that can’t provide crisp, clear audio recordings every time.
  2. Attendees want quick access to the recordings. Whether they found a session particularly inspiring or educational and they want to pick it up right away, or they are on their way out the door and want to pick up a number of sessions from your conference; they should be able to get on with their lives without the act of purchasing the recordings becoming a major hassle. Make sure that your audio recording company can handle a large volume of traffic quickly and efficiently. Your attendees have better places to spend their time than in another line.
  3. Most attendees want to bring their recordings home with them that day. Some recording companies only take orders; others bring a small amount of recording media with them to sell a limited quantity at the conference and backorder the rest. While that works out if you’re first in line, why shouldn’t everyone be able to get the recordings in their hands that day? Ask your recording service how long their turnaround time is for producing professional quality duplicates of the recordings. How much volume can they handle? How many CDs or flash drives will they bring with them for distribution on site? Often a sale will be lost if the product can’t be delivered right away.
  4. Attendees want fast, courteous customer service. When an attendee has a question or a problem and they are looking to the recording company for an answer, what kind of service will they receive? Will it be polite and courteous? Will their concerns be given highest priority? Or, will they feel like the person they are talking with is too busy and considers them unimportant? You put a lot of work into your events, and you understand that your work provides a service to your attendees. Make sure you hire a company that will serve them too. Remember, the audio recording service you choose will reflect, positively or negatively, on your organization.
  5. Attendees want metadata on their MP3 files. Cassette tapes came with labels; CD’s have a label printed on them. Why should your MP3 be labeled “Track1”? A company that doesn’t provide a properly labeled MP3 file has not really made the changes necessary to keep up with ever-changing technology. A company that is offering MP3 recordings needs to have proper metadata imbedded in the files, whether they are distributed by CD, flash drive or download. When talking with a recording company, make sure they have made the move to the 21st century.

You know your conference attendees are important. So listen to their feedback and make their next conference experience that much richer. You’ll be glad you did.

Joshua Erber is founder and President of Resounding Voice, your one-stop source for conference, event and convention audio visual recording services. Resounding Voice works with for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout the United States.