Our Bowtie Signature Promise

You Deserve Better. Our bowtie signature is more than just a uniform. It’s a sign of our commitment to your event. Resounding Voice was founded on the principles our founder was taught as a kid doing projects around the home.

Josh was encouraged by his grandfather and father to figure out what was needed next and be ready to hand the next tool or board to them before they asked for it. This is the level of service we strive for as an AV company. We accomplish this by:


Educating our team about your organization and your goals for the event. It’s important to know where you are going so we can help you get there. Once we had a client spec out a camera they wanted us to use at their event.

After learning what they wanted to do with the event, we quickly realized it was not the best fit for their needs. We were able to use a better setup for their needs and they got the product they really wanted.


Anticipating what is next. During the event, things change. We do our best to keep an eye on things as we’ve experienced presenters pulling out computers and other devices in the middle of their talk and want to project an image.

Or maybe you need the extra mic for the CEO that suddenly decides to do an ad‐lib Q & A time. There are many things that just happen during events, so we have our eyes up and anticipate your unspoken needs to keep things running smoothly.


Celebrating the successful event. While you kick back and relax after pulling off a wonderful event. We make notes so that we can make the next one event better, we try to never stop learning about your event so that you can enjoy your celebration!