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State of the Art Recording Technology

Resounding Voice
AV Equipment RentalResounding Voice uses state of the art audio visual equipment in every facet of our services.

Sennheiser Wireless Microphones – These metal-cased belt packs are some of the longest lasting and durable mics on the market.

Redundant Recording is essential to the guarantee of delivering the recording. That is why we use both of the following recorders:

  • Marantz Flash Recorders – Marantz has long been a leader in high quality sound recording; these rack mounted units don’t disappoint.
  • Tascam CD Recorders – Tascam was among the first companies to offer a CD recorder that automatically drops tracks onto the disk as it records. This allows you to easily navigate when you are listening to the CD later.

Shure Microphone Mixers – This allow us complete flexibility for setup at any location. Whether you want us to patch in to a house system or use our own system, these durable mixers give us high quality audio no matter what setup we have to work with.

For synchronizing PowerPoint with audio we use the latest technology to instantly produce presentations as they happen for webcasting or instant distribution after each session ends.

When it comes to duplication, we use a custom computer with dozens of USB ports for Flash Drive loading, the fastest CD duplicators and a custom CD printer built especially for Resounding Voice to ensure the highest quality products in the shortest time frame possible.

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